Pay Tribute

I have done you swine the favor of making it easy make tribute.. you can use your credit/bank cards, greendot money reloads (for you married scumbags).  I also accept e-gift cards and you can purchase something pretty for me via my wishlists!  Now be a good boy and pay me.  I don’t have a set minimum, but do not fucking offend or disgust me more than you already do.

To Pay Tribute, email me at

After you make your initial tribute I will contact you with instructions and homework. I will also allow you the password to my sexy galleries. YOUR NOT SEEING MY BEAUTIFUL BODY FOR FREE LOSER!

Undergarments For Sale

I love being able to share My intimate apparel such as My worn panties, bras, garter belts, nylons and pantyhose. Email if you’re interested and I’ll let You know what I have available, and how much it costs.

Chastity Devices

You men are all alike. You want to put your dicks in and on everything that walks. You need to be taught a lesson. For a negotiated rate, I will allow you to purchase a chastity ring, to which I will have the only keys. You will be able to relieve yourself ONLY when your designated chastity period has expired. If you cannot last that long, which very few do, you can always buy the keys back from me.

Email me at if you’re interested

You may also buy ME something from MY wishlists…

Click Here for My Amazon Wishlist

I am incredibly picky when it comes to what I wear.  Accessories are easier, which is why they’re included on the list, but if you want to contribute to MY wardrobe/shoe closet, you’re going to need to contact ME.  Shopping excursions both in person and online can be arranged for the right price.

e-Gift Certificates