Mistress Lexi

I am complete perfection, and an unpredictable, multi-dimensional, playfully cruel Brat.  My skin is supple and the purest shade of light golden olive. My body has curves in all the right places, and has never seen a single stretch mark or ounce of cellulite. I have beautiful hair, and gorgeous hands and feet.

With my cunning mind having the ability to out think, out wit, preplan and carry out diabolical invasions on your life… This combined with my obvious physical advantages, it pretty much cements your ruin and desperation for me.

You will be whatever it is I want from you, when I want it from you, and the way I want it from you. My personal ATM machine, my red carpet, pedicure boy, shopping bitch and my ego feeding, ass kissing groupie.

I am a man destroyer, heart breaker, and take great pleasure in defiling the lowest of men by inflicting perverse, off-beat orders of idiocy for my personal amusement. Not all slaves are treated the same. Some of you will be used as my financial stepping stones, while the truly low shall be humiliated, degraded, and abused.

*I* do not need you, nor do I have any regard or care for you in the smallest form. I will be only allowing you in my life so I can take from you what ever it is I want.  I am offering so graciously the privilege to associate yourself and serve a beauty who would otherwise never even acknowledge your existence.  I may want to unfurl my devilish side on you for some amusement – Having you belittle, humiliate, emasculate, and desecrate yourself so I can get a few bratty giggles out of your moronic behaviors. This though will be in addition to the high cost of your financial servitude.

This is NOT MY primary source of income. I have a very successful vanilla career, and is accustomed to the finer things in life. Because of MY situation, I can afford to be very, very selective in terms of who I allows to serve ME.

It’s not about how much I deserve your money, because I KNOW I deserve every last bit of it—it’s about how much (or how little) you deserve to serve ME.  Someone as perfect as me does not have the need or time for pathetic pansies who can’t put their money where their mouth is.  I demand the utmost dedication and loyalty from my slaves.  Money talks, and it’s the only kind of talking you should be doing.

I am your princess. I am the only one who deserves your money. The most important thing your pea brain should remember is that what I want comes before your needs. You need to eat?  Well, I want a new designer handbag. So Which is it going to be? I think I already know…

What’s next you ask?

Well first you have to show me that you are serious by  Paying a tribute to me. If that is a big deal for you, YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS HERE.

I am a spoiled rotten brat who is very demanding and worth every dollar that you will spend so I advise you to make a wise decision. Besides, I am not the pathetic loser here, you are. You found me.  So PAY UP PIG!

no refunds will be given.


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